Some Apple iPad Pro customers complain of noticeable grain in the new OLED tablets

Earlier this month Apple announced its 2024 iPad Pro devices, Apple's first tablets with AMOLED displays, using tandem panels produced by LG Display and Samsung Displays. Some customers have complained about an annoying grain pattern in the new display:

This is especially noticeable in dark environments. It seems as if the 11" model is more affected by the 13" one. The 11" panel is produced exclusively by Samsung Display, while the 13" is made by both Samsung and LG Display. It could be that this is a problem only at Samsung's panels. 


A couple of months ago it was reported that Samsung Display still suffers from low yields at its tandem AMOLED line, and perhaps its first panels also suffer from this problem. LG Display has been producing tandem AMOLEDs for a long time (for the automotive market) and it's likely its process is more mature.

Posted: May 26,2024 by Ron Mertens