Samsung: within 5 years, OLEDs can be in 50% of cellphones, 20% of cameras and 30% of portable game players

Samsung Mobile Displays says the growing smartphones sales and touchscreens can boost the sales of OLEDs. They say that in a slowing market, makers will want premium displays for high-end devices.

They also predict that within 5 years, OLEDs could be used on 50% of all mobile phones, 20% of digital cameras and 30% of portable game players. 

As there are over a billion phones sold in a year (and it'll probably be more in 5 years...) then this means Samsung are predicting over 500M OLED displays, just from cell phones!

Samsung already said they will have AMOLEDs in 50% of their new touchscreen phones this year, and they seem to be using OLEDs more and more in mobile devices.

Posted: Apr 19,2009 by Ron Mertens