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Mar 08, 2012

In Q2 2011 Samsung submitted a patent application that describes devices with flexible displays. This patent is now public, and it shows several concepts: A "pen" type device that has a stretchable screen, a bracelet type device and a book like device that can open up.

Samsung flexible device patent photo

According to the patent, all sorts of displays may be used to power such a display: including e-paper, LCd and of course OLEDs. Flexible OLEDs are coming in 2012 from Samsung, but don't expect such bendable displays yet. The 2012 crop will be plastic-based displays that will be shatterproof, light and thin - but not bendable...

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The protection scope of a patent is defined by the claims and not by the figures. They probably seek protection for some refinement related to a flexible display and the display using such, and not to the general concept of flexible display.