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Digital cameras with OLED displays

This page lists all digital cameras with OLED displays. OLED are used as screens mostly in compact cameras, but the technology is also starting to appear in DSLRs and high-end models.

Samsung NX500

The NX500 is an APS-C (mirrorless DLSR) camera that sports a 28mp sensor, 4K video, ISO range of up to 51,200, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and a tilting 3" AMOLED display.

Samsung NX500 photo

The NX500 will ship in March 2015 for $799 (with an OIS 16-50, f3.5-f5.6 power-zoom lens).

Samsung NX1

The NX1 is Samsung's flagship mirrorless camera for 2014, that can shoot UHD (4K) videos at 30 fps. It sports a 28.2 mp sensor, ISO range of 100 to 51200, Wi-Fi and NFC. The display on the back is an articulated 3" Super AMOLED and it's also got a 1024x768 (XGA) OLED viewfinder.

Samsung NX1 photo

The NX1 costs $1,499 (body only).

Fujifilm X30

Fujifilm's X30 is an enthusiast premium compact digital camera with a classic design. It has a 2/3" CMSO sensor and 28-112mm (F2-F2.8) lens. It has a 3" tilting LCD display and an XGA OLED viewfinder (EVF).

Fujifilm X30 photo

The X30 costs $600.

Sony DSC-KW11

Sony's DSC-KW11 is a selfie-oriented digital camera that looks like a perfume bottle. Features include a 19.2 mp camera, f/2 2 mm wide-angle lens (that can be rotated) and a 3.3" AMOLED display (1,299K dots).

Sony DSC-KW11 photo

The DSC-KW11 will ship in Asia in October 2014 for about $845.

Sony A7s

Sony's a7S is a full-frame (12.2 MP, 35mm) mirrorless digital camera with 4K video support, high-precision Fast Intelligent AF system, an ISO range of up to 409,600 and an XGA OLED EVF.

Sony A7s photo

The a7S costs $2,498 (body only).

Sony RX100 III

Sony's RX100 III is a compact camera that sports a large 1" 20.2MP sensor, a 24-70mm zoom lens (F1.8-2.8), a rear LCD, Wi-Fi and an SVGA OLED popup EVF.

Sony RX100 III photo

The RX1000 III will launch in June 20 for $798.

Sony SLT-A77 II

Sony's A77 II is an update to the original A77 released in 2011. This APS-C fixed-mirror DSLR sports an updated 24MP sensor, new autofocus sensor and an updated WhiteMagic RGBW LCD display and Wi-Fi. The EVF is still an XGA OLED, but it has three times higher contrast compared to the one on the A77. The EVF shows the effects of all settings adjustments in real-time, accurately displaying what the final image will look like.

Sony SLT-A77 II photo

The SLT-A77 II will ship in June 10 for $1199 (body only).


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