NKK Switches OLED Rocker

The Rocker Switch is a unique snap-in switch, with a programmable OLED display and is IP64 water resistance rated. User selection is based on menus visible on the display and multiple layers of menus can be achieved.

NKK Switches OLED RockerNKK Switches OLED Rocker

Typical applications for the OLED SmartSwitch Rocker are in HMI and control systems where it can be used to replace multiple switches and a display. With its IP64 rating for dust and water protection, the new OLED Rocker can also be used in industrial applications and medical areas where wipe down is required. NKK offers a development kit for $265 (or a kit with two switches for $315).

OLED type:  

Monochrome white OLED (96x64)

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Posted:   Jun 26,2009 by Ron Mertens