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LG's 55EM9700 is a 55" Full-HD OLED TV featuring FPR passive 3D, 100,000,000:1 contrast ratio and fast response time (1,000 times faster than LCD according to LG). The panel is only 4 mm thick and weighs just 3.5Kg. The TV is based on LG Display's Oxide-TFT white-OLED with color filters (RGBW) OLED panel. LG are calling it the "Ultimate Display".

LG 55EM9700 product photo

The 55EM9700 is now on sale in South Korea for 9.9 million won (about $8,900), and in the UK for £9,999 (about $15,000, but it's likely that this price will be reduced soon). LG also launched a wall-mounted edition (the GALLERY OLED TV, model 55EA8800)

Here's LG's official video introducing the new TV:

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55" Full-HD OLED TV