Encapsulix shipped a Gen-2.5 ALD encapsulation system to a European OLED lighting maker

In October 2013, Encapsulix announced that a "leading OLED lighting supplier in Europe" placed an order for the M500 ALD deposition system. Today Encapsulix announced that the Gen-2.5 deposition system was shipped.

Encapsulix M500 ALD system photo

Encapsulix's system will be used to deposit the encapsulation layer for OLED lighting devices, in applications such as residential, commercial, automotive, and avionics markets. Encapsulix says that their system will feature better barrier properties, device lifetime and cost of ownership than the technology currently in use.

Encapsulix did not reveal the OLED maker identity, but as there are only three OLED lighting makers in Europe, it can be either Philips, Osram or Blackbody (Fraunhofer's COMEDD, the UK's CPI and the Holst Centre also has OLED lighting production lines, but these are R&D lines not used for commercial production).

Posted: Feb 27,2014 by Ron Mertens