A beverage maker in China wants to enter the OLED market

Black Cattle Food logoA soy and grain beverage maker based in Shenzhen, China, called Blackcow Food, announced that it aims to raise 18 billion yuan (about $2.7 billion) that will be invested in OLED R&D and production.

Blackcow aims to set up a joint-venture in Jiangsu, to handle OLED display R&D and production. It seems that the plan is to construct a 6-Gen AMOLED panel production line to make small-sized OLED panels for mobile devices. Blackcow will hold a 50.31% stake in the JV, and it did not name the rest of the shareholders.

Time will tell if this is a real project, and if it manages to pick up - we heard of many attempts in the past to initiate OLED projects that never saw the light of day...

Posted: Sep 15,2016 by Ron Mertens