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Feb 10, 2011

Verbatim (a subsidiary of Mitsubishi) announced their new color-tunabe and dimmable OLED lighting panels called VELVE (these are made together by Mitsubishi and Pioneer). Verbatim says that the panels are already available - which makes the VELVE the world's first color-tunable OLED lighting panels. Verbatim apparantly offers just one size -  14x14cm, which is similar to Lumiotec's OLED panels.

Verbatim VELVE exhibition photo

Verbatim also announced that they will display the new panels at Fuori Salone, an exhibition held in Milan, Italy on April 12-17. Verbatim's stand was designed by Mr. Satoshi Uchihara, a lighting designer who was involved in lighting up such important sites as the famous Japanese temple Kinkakuji, and the New Terminal Building at Haneda Airport.

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It's a great news, there is the third one to sell Oled lighting. I search where can we order it but i don't find it. Anyone could give an adress? 


Thank's a lot.

Verbatim will actually be the fourth player to offer OLED lighting (there's Philips, OSRAM and Lumiotec)... I'm also not sure where to order - hopefully they'll give more info soon.