Zumbotel Group from Austria and the Fraunhofer IPMS institute has agreed to create a new joint-venture for the development and production of OLED lighting modules. The new company will be called Ledon OLED Lighting. It will be based in Dresden, and will have 10-15 employees in the first year.

Large Area OLED lighting panel,FraunhoferLarge Area OLED lighting panel,Fraunhofer

Ledon will not only produce OLED panels, but will also develop and manufacture complete OLED lighting solutions and concepts for large-scale OLED systems. Ledon will use the Fraunhofer's pilot line, to make OLED panels on 370x470 mm2 substrates with a cycle time of just three minutes. 

Back in January 2009 we have interviewed Prof. karl Leo from the Fruanhofer IPMS, and he explains their technology and aims.

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