With Apple's new product launch event due in four days, the web is buzzing with rumors. It seems that a new iPhone (two models, actually, 4.7" and 5.7") is pretty much confirmed, but what about the long-rumored iWatch?

The Wall Street Journal reports that the iWatch is indeed ready to launch, even though it will only ship in 2015. The smart timepiece will come in two sizes - and both will use curved (flexible) OLED displays. Other reported features are NFC and health/fitness sensors.

In the past few days several new smartwatches with OLED displays were launched from Samsung, LG and Asus. It will be very interesting to see Apple's watch design!

Earlier reports said that LG Display is Apple's exclusive flexible OLED supplier for the iWatch, but later it was speculated that Apple may be interested in making Samsung Display their 2nd flexible OLED supplier. LG Display may not be able to produce enough flexible OLED displays for Apple (which will reportedly require 3-5 million 1.5-inch panels each month).

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