Apple has not started shipping its much anticipated OLED iPhone X, but a reporter at the Wired received an early unit and has posted a review after a week of using this new device. There's a lot to like in Apple's new flagship phones - a great form factor, great cameras, fun animoji's and a large potential. Besides being expensive, the reporter also complains about Face ID problems and says that the phone and it's black "notch" at the top is an "aesthetic setback".

Apple iPhone X photo

The reviews is very happy with the OLED display - as it covers almost the entire phone, the iPhone X has a large display (5.8" 1125x2436 flexible Super AMOLED) in a relatively compact form factor. It's only slightly bigger than the iPhone 8 while it has a display that's almost the same size as the one in the iPhone 8+. The display quality itself is excellent - "I found the display a noticeable, and greatly pleasurable, advance over my iPhone 7, whether watching The Big Sick, streaming a live football game, or simply swiping through Instagram".



Of course it is better

Of course it is better display than LCD, because it is made by Samsung who many years in the row is making the best OLED displays :)

Samsung OLED

FYI - The Samsung OLED screens have a burn-in problem even on the latest Galaxy S8s. I have been to several retail outlets (BestBuy, Costco . . ) and noticed that if you open content with white background, you notice areas which appear slightly reddish due to burn-in. I assume that the blue OLEDs which have shorter lifetime start fading.

I am using Note 4 many years.

I am using Note 4 many years. Don't see any burnouts even now, when I am writing this comment. Of course some manufacturing issues might occur time to time. By the way - have you seen Samsung making ads about LG OLED TVs burnout? 

Eter way ' I like OLEDS more than LCDs.