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Winstar, a leading PMOLED producer from Taiwan, hosted a seminar in June 2014, and they gave two OLED lectures - describing their OLED products in the present and the future development expected from Winstar.

There's some interesting details in there. First of all, while Winstar is currently producing glass-based PMOLEDs, the company is also developing flexible PMOLED panels. One of the major challenges is encapsulation and Winstar is using ALD technology for this at the moment, developed in collaboration with ITRI.

Winstar updates us on its OLED lighting development. Winstar goal is to produce low-cost flexible panels using a coating process.

Winstar also revealed that the company currently uses red phosphorescent materials and white, yellow and green fluorescent ones. In Q4 2014 they plan to switch to green and yellow phosphorescent materials (to increase the power efficiency). White phosphorescent materials are expected in Q2 2015. Eventually, Winstar hopes to switch to TADF OLEDs emitters.

In those two presentations, Winstar did not give any details regarding transparent OLEDs. Back in 2012, the company hoped to finish development of such panels by the end of 2013.




Hi. PMOLED!? eh??? I watched to search PMOLED... But not found "PMOLED" - no news yet but yes likely AMOLED only.

Please... ;)


No, it's certain that Winstar

No, it's certain that Winstar is only developing PMOLEDs and no AMOLEDs.

PMOLED (like CRT due to

PMOLED (like CRT due to flicker only :D) works Full-HD and QHD (4k)!?! Wow!? Serious!? If you will respond "yes" then I'm interested and very happy.

Where did you a see a

Where did you a see a reference that Winstar is targeting FHD or QHD panels?

I can't answer your question,

I can't answer your question, sorry... But you may contact to Winstar - PMOLED works or not FHD/QHD.

PMOLED traditionally support

PMOLED traditionally support up to 128 lines or so. It can be extended by some technologies - but I don't think we'll ever see a FHD PMOLED display.

Not only BMW is planning use Oleds in comming cars!

It is not only BMW which is planning to introduce Oleds in comming car models

within 3-years, Audi,Kia is other car makers that have announced that they is planning for use of Oleds both as ceiling light source wled= white oled and as rear lights as roled=red oled is the next comming light sources in cars within some few years.

Cambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDsCambridge Isotope Laboratories - Deutreated Reagents and High-Purity Gases for OLEDs