TCL has been involved with OLED inkjet printing technologies for many years, and the company''s chairman and founder Li Dongsheng yesterday posted that the company will reveal its first printed OLED products next week. Li also uploaded the following video that showcases the company's inkjet printing technology:

This is somewhat surprising as it may be too early for TCL to actually launch inkjet printed OLEDs. TCL has been a long time believer in inkjet printing for OLED displays, and the company has established Juhua Printing in 2016 (together with Tianma and other collaborators) as an "open-innovation platform" to develop ink-jet printing of OLED panels. Last year TCL invested $187 million USD in Japan's inkjet printing developer and producer JOLED, and has also signed an agreement to jointly develop OLED TV printing technologies.

TCL is also reportedly expecting to start mass production at its 8.5-Gen Guangzhou T8 (owned by Huaxing Optoelectronics) production line in 2024. Earlier this year the Guanghzhou development commission issued a report that says CSOT's investment in this R&D and production project will amount to $6.8 billion USD, and the construction of the actual production line will be in 2021-2023.

So it seems as if it is too early for TCL to actually mass produce OLED TVs or other panels using an inkjet printing process, so it is more likely that TCL will only show some updated prototypes next week. But perhaps the company plans to start selling printed panels made in its pilot production lines?

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