Rappler, a Philippines-based news site posted an interesting report from Samsung's Southeast Asia Forum (which took place in Jakarta, Indonesia), claiming that Samsung's F9500 55" Real OLED TV will launch in Asia in August 2013, for the price of 750,000 Philippine Pesos - or just over $18,000!

That's a really high price even for an OLED TV, considering that LG's 55" OLED TV costs $10,000 in Korea. I find it hard to believe that Samsung will charge such a premium over LG's TV (DisplayMate actually says that the quality of LG's OLED panel is superior). Samsung is using direct-emission RGB OLED subpixels, which are more complicated to make compared to LG's WRGB structure. Samsung's TV also features MultiView 3D.

A few weeks ago it was reported that Samsung is actually considering to adopt LG's WRGB structure in order to increase production yields and lower the cost. LG and Samsung are in talks to end their OLED IP disputes and are indeed considering cross-licensing relevant patents.