Samsung's annual US developer conference is starting today, and rumors suggest that the company will unveil its first foldable device (the Galaxy F?) during the event. Samsung Mobile's Facebook page profile image was changed today to the one you see below - which surely suggests something foldable:

Samsung Mobile Galaxy F teaser profile image

Hopefully we'll know more soon. For a few months now we hear that Samsung foldable device launch will take place in November, and according to the latest estimates the device will sport a 7.3" OLED display that folds inside. The device will also sport an external, smaller AMOLED.

Some new rumors, however, suggest that the device Samsung is set to unveil today will actually use two displays with a hinge between them.

A few days ago Royole launched the world's first foldable OLED device, (the FlexPai), and many other OLED producers and smartphone makers are rushing to unveil foldable devices.

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