Will OLED lighting save the world? LG Chem seems to think so, or at least they do according to this promotional OLED video they released last month:

Besides being funny (weird?), this video sends out the current marketing message that is being used by several OLED lighting companies - of how OLED lighting provides the most natural light.

Update: LG Chem released a short movie showing the making of the OLED Vampires movie:



I've read this here before

I've read this here before and like before, I wonder what that even means. "Natural". Technically speaking, anything in existence is "natural".


Personally, the only "natural" attribute that matters to me is how well it resembles daylight. And as long as I don't see diagrams from multiple credible sources confirming that OLED lighting is actually close to daylight or at least close to incandescent, I remain uninterested. Like with e.g. regular LED lights - see here, the blue curve (the "heart attack" is obviously CFL, purple incandescent and orange daylight):


I think that anyone who've

I think that anyone who've seen an OLED lighting panel in person can understand why this is a great lighting source. It just feels good. Same as most poeple seems to dislike LED and CFL lighting - without seeing any charts or hard data.

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