Last Month Hyuandai's premium sub-brand Genesis unveiled a concept car, the GV80 SUV, that featured a long curved OLED display - 22" in size, which we assumed was supplied by SDC. The Korea Herald reports today that Samsung is in talks with Genesis to supply OLED panels for its automobiles.

Genesis GV80 interior photo

It's not clear if this first deal involves flexible OLEDs as was demonstrated in the GV80 or whether it will involve regular rigid OLEDs. The Korea Herald reports that Samsung is strongly pushing for a comeback into the automotive market with a range of technologies including displays, batteries and even the Tizen OS.

Hyundai, meanwhile, wants to use the latest technology in its cars, but is also unsure yet of the durability and safety of the OLED display tech in the automotive market. The article says that Hyundai has never used an OLED before - but that is actually not true, some of Hyundai past cars used PMOLED displays, but of course this is very different technology compared to SDC's latest AMOLEDs.

SDC hopes to supply flexible OLEDs for Audi's upcoming A8 2017 which should be out in July - but Audi did not yet decide whether to adopt these OLEDs or not. Audi has been demonstrating SDC's flexible OLED displays back in 2014 in the Prologue concept.

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