Universal Display (UDC) logoThree weeks ago, Seeking Alpha published my first article on Universal Display, titled "Universal Display: 20X Jackpot In 2018?" - in which I presented my best-case scenario for the OLED market (and UDC) in 2018.

I think the article was received well, and today SA published my second article - "Universal Display's Second Key Customer Is On Its Way". In this new article I explain why Samsung Display is such an important customer for UDC - and how I expect in that in the coming years UDC will diversity its key customer base as I expect LG Display, Konica Minolta, Everdisplay, BOE, Philips and LG Chem to start mass producing OLEDs soon.

In case you're wondering: yes, I do own some UDC shares (all bought personally on the open market). I have no official ties with the company (I do hope some of them follow OLED-Info, and I have been in touch with several employees and I even consider them as friends). I don't think I will become a professional finance article writer, but this is rather fun, and you never know, do you?



Nice article. At Cowen, Sid

Nice article. At Cowen, Sid said they are selling host to LG. While we are always reading between the lines I think he meant yellow host for TV's. We'll find out soon enough, that will be a big number if true.

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