The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will begin in 3 weeks or so (7th of January). Previous CES have brought us a lot of exciting OLED announcements. I'm sure that this year will not be any different.

OLED TVs / Laptops

The biggest question mark is Sony. Will they announce their 2nd generation OLED TV? And if so, will it be 21" or 27"? There are reports that Sony will call their new OLED TVs XDL-ZX, and it will actually be a series of TVs (maybe both 21" and 27"). The price will be high, that's for sure.

Sony OLED TV prototypeSony 27-inch OLED prototype (2008)

We're sure that LG will show their 15" OLED TV, which is already on sale in Korea. We might hear when this TV will ship in other countries. And perhaps LG will also show larger TV prototypes.

Samsung will surely show OLED TV prototypes. We hope that they'll also finally announce a large OLED product - perhaps a 14.1" monitor or laptop display. They have promised us an OLED laptop in Q3 2010, and have shown prototypes of small netbooks (7.6") and larger laptops (14.1") with OLEDs. It's likely that Samsung will use CES to unveil their OLED laptop...

Samsung 7-inch OLED laptop prototypeSamsung 7-inch OLED laptop prototype

Other companies that might show new OLED TVs include CMEL (with their new MEM technology), Panasonic and perhaps TMDisplay as well.


We're sure to see a lot of gadgets with AMOLED displays - new cell phones, PMP players and other types of devices. We might see an upgrade to the Sony OLED-X walkman series. Perhaps Google will use this show to officially release their Nexus-One Android AMOLED phone.

MOTO group android OLED tabletMOTO group android OLED tablet

Ultra-mobile PCs and tablets is a type of device that has yet to really adopt OLEDs. 5" or 7" OLED displays are still expensive and not produced in mass volume. But we might hear of new prototypes that adopt OLEDs. CMEL's 7.6" OLED has been around for a lot of time, but has yet to attract a major gadget (except the Kodak photo frame).


Samsung and LG have been showing flexible and transparent OLED displays for a long time. Other companies (such as UDC) have also used CES to showcase their technology. It'll be great to see even larger OLED panels that are flexible or transparent. Perhaps we'll finally hear of some company who intends to actually commercialize such technology.

LG 15-inch transparent OLED prototypeLG 15-inch transparent OLED prototype

I'm sure that CES will be exciting and will bring us a lot of OLED news... stay tuned!

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