We now list ePaper displays in the OLED Marketplace

Our very own OLED Marketplace is a popular service that enables device developers to screen a wide range of OLED displays, from wearable panels, through PMOLEDs and microdisplays to high-end flexible smartphone AMOLEDs. We believe this is the world's most comprehensive OLED catalog.

The OLED Marketplace frontpage, with ePaper displays

We are happy to announce that we have now added a new section to the marketplace, with ePaper (E Ink) displays. We have added over 15 displays, ranging from small 1-inch displays for wearables and small devices to 13.3" panels. Most of these displays are monochrome (Black/White) but some also support three colors (Red or Yellow). A few of these displays are flexible.

E Ink displays are highly useful for many applications when OLED displays are not suitable - as they offer extremely low power (and non volatility) and high sunlight readability. ePaper displays are being adopted in e-readers, electronic shelf labels, e-notebooks and more.

2.9-inch 296x128 E Ink module photo

We hope to increase the number of available ePaper displays and include new producers and global distributors soon. If you need assistance with finding the right display suppliers for your project, let us know!

Posted: Jan 27,2021 by Ron Mertens