Chinese OLED producer Visionox demonstrates several new OLED technologies at SID Displayweek 2021. We'll list some of these new achievements in this post, and you can see these in the video below.

Visionox shows a 'dynamic' 12.3-inch rollable display which feature a 5 mm rolling radius. A 7.92" foldable (2 mm radius) wrap-around display solution. Visionox also demonstrates a 12.3" three-folded OLED that can fold inwards (2.5 mm radius) or outwards (6.5 mm) - to become a 5.4-inch display.

Visionox 12.3'' rollable OLED dispaly prototype (SID Displayweek 2021)

Visionox also showed a new 120Hz laptop AMOLED display which features very small bezels (1.8 mm), high pixel density (315 ppi) and a brightness of 400 nits. The company also says it is now producing a flexible 12.3" AMOLED display for automotive applications.

Another technology that Visionox is refining is a dynamic refresh display which supports up to 165Hz. Based on the content, device makers can drive this display at 60/90/120/144/165Hz. The touch layers features a sampling rate of 500Hz.

Visionox also announced an upgraded under-display camera solution, which Visionox brands as InV see Pro and which features higher OLED transparency using a new drive circuit and higher pixel density and an improved design. Finally the company is showing a new Through-hole technology which enables smaller "punch-hole" in the OLED display that use the same opening size (thinner hole bezels, under 0.3 mm).

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