Visionox shows new foldable, flexible and automotive OLED Displays at SID 2019

China-based OLED producer Visionox has demonstrated several new OLED technologies at SID DisplayWeek 2019 last month, and the following great video shows the company's impressive booth and displays.

First up is a foldable OLED display that can be folded inwards and outwards. The panel's folding radius is 5 mm, and Visionox says that it can be folded over 200,000 times. The company did not disclose the exact size and resolution, though.

The video shows many other displays and designs. Some interesting technologies are an sound-on-display technology (similar to LG's CrystalSound OLEDs) and a 6.65" 10280x2340 (388 PPI) 90Hz mobile gaming AMOLED display with on-cell touch. Finally Visionox shows a 12.3" 1920x720 automotive OLED under development. Visionox says that one of their partners launched an automotive A-Pillar display solution based on a Visionox AMOLED. It's not clear if this project is actually ready for commercialization.

In the video you can also see the Nubia Alpha smartband that uses Visionox's 4" 192x960 foldable AMOLED. Visionox says that the display features a 7H hardness certification, 0.2J shock resistance and an temperature range of -40 to 80 C.

Posted: Jul 13,2019 by Ron Mertens