New video shows Wisechip's flexible, transparent and candle-light OLEDs

Wisechip, the Taiwan-based PMOLED maker, demonstrated its new flexible and transparent PMOLED displays last week in a trade show in Germany. Embedded News TV interviewed the company's R&D manager and published the following video which also shows Wisechip's latest OLED prototypes.

On display at the trade show were two flexible OLEDs - a 1.8" monochrome 160x32 panel, a 1.36" monochrome 128x16 panel. Wisechip also has a 256 x 64 display. Wisechip also demonstrated a new transparent OLED for automotive applications and a round 1.07" 160x136 transparent PMOLED (this one was also on display last year). Wisechip's original plan was to start producing transparent displays towards the end of 2016, but apparently this is a bit delayed. We hear that the displays are nearing production though.

In the video you can also see Wisechip's candle light (blue-light free) OLED lighting prototypes. These panels are being developed in collaboration and under license from National Tsing-Hua University in Taiwan. Wisechip aims to start mass producing those 1900K OLEDs towards the end of 2017. The 2nd-gen panels feature an efficiency of 70 lm/W.

Posted: Mar 30,2017 by Ron Mertens