OLED technologies companies


Korea-based Hunetplus develops high-end technologies and core process materials for the display industry. Honetplus develops high-precision fine metal masks (FMM) for OLED deposition.

Xiamen XM-Plus Technology

XM-Plus logoBased in Xiamen City and established in 2017, XM-Plus (Xiamen Lingyang Huaxin Technology Co.) designs and produces display driver ICs. The company offers drivers for LCDs, Mini-LEDs, Micro-LEDs and AMOLED displays.

Rapt Touch

Rapt Touch logoIreland-based Rapt Touch (RAPT) is a provider of optical multi-touch systems for display makers and systems integrators. RAPT developed a unique and patented optical touch technology that is fully compatible with OLED displays, at all sizes.

RAPT's FTIR technology is based on low-cost LEDs that create an optical mesh of infrared light signals, read by photodetectors. The LEDs and the photodetectors are placed on the edge of the OLED display. The performance is not affected by capacitive coupling or display pattern noise, and can be used on any screen size.

RAPT's solution offers superb optical and touch performance and is highly compatible with OLED displays. The technology is cost effective as it is based on off-the-shelf components and its costs grow linearly with size (unlike other touch solutions).

RAPT Touch is a privately held company, with over 90 issued patents. RAPT’s products have already been deployed in several projects and systems, including Google’s 55” Jamboard, and HiteVision products.




Sanayi logoSanayi System, established in Korea in 2002, is a supplier of simulation software for LCD displays, OLED displays and touch panels.

For the OLED industry, Sanayi offers its TechWiz OLED software that provides OLED optical characteristic (EQE and outcoupling).


Ergis group logoPoland-based The Ergis Group is a leader in plastics processing that is active in many markets, such as food packaging, medical and protective films, industrial films, automotive films and decorative films.

In 2020 Ergis launched its first product for the display market, the noDiffusion encapsulation film for flexible OLED displays and lighting panels. The films offer very high transparency and excellent barrier properties. Ergis also offers similar films for the flexible photovoltaic industry.



Sapien Semiconductors

 Sapien Semiconductors logoKorea-based Sapien Semiconductors is fabless design house that develops innovative CMOS backplane ASICs for both OLEDs and microLED displays. The company utilizes its patented PWM-based pixel driving circuit to achieve low power consumption.

Sapien offers a CMOS backplane ASIC that can achieve a pixel structure of 2-microns or smaller (over 12,000 PPI).


Dowoo Insys

Korea-based Dowoo Insys, established in 2010, is a developer and supplier of glass products for the display industry.

Dowoo Insys develops ultra-thin glass covers for foldable OLED displays. The company provides its glass, which is a treated Schott Glass UTG, to Samsung Display.


Samsung Display is the largest shareholder (27%) in Dowoo Insys.