Visionox showcased it latest flexible OLEDs in a recent tradeshow, and Notebook Italia published this interesting video showing all of Visionox's displays.

Visionox is showing several interesting displays - a 5.99" 1080x2160 (403 PPI) AMOLED edge type flexible OLED, a full-screen 5.99" 2160×1440 flexible AMOLED and a 6.21" notch-type 2160×1440 AMOLED, with a touch sensor under the screen.

Visionox more advanced displays are an s-shaped 5.99" FHD+ flexible AMOLED and a bracelet/smartwatch foldable device prototype. Finally we have the 7.2" foldable AMOLED, which we reported on in March 2018. Visionox says that their panels can be folded over 200,000 times, and now we learn that the resolution of this advanced screen is 1440x1920 (333 PPI).

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