Video shows LG Display's latest displays shown at SID DisplayWeek

A new video shows LG's large SID DisplayWeek 2017 booth. The video begins with some displays we have seen before - LG's latest wallpaper OLED TVs and its Crystal Sound OLED system, but then continues to show some new displays.

LG demonstrated two flexible OLEDs for mobile devices - a 5.5" QHD (1440,2560, 538 PPI) panel and a 5.7" FHD (388 PPI) panel. Both are plastic-based and are conformable (edge-type). The displays offer a brightness of 350 nits. LG says the 5.7" FHD is now in mass production, while the 5.5" QHD will be ready in Q2 2017 (which means it's should already be in production). The video also shows a glimpse of LG's "VR displays" - but no details are given (this was for some reason labeled as confidential).

LG also demonstrates new automotive OLEDs. First up is a new form 12.3" 1920x720 OLED. Second is LG's 12.3" transparent OLEDs for automotive applications, with a transparency of 60%. Next LG shows a 12.3" display that consists of both LCD in the background and a transparent OLED on top. LG calls this a Multi-Layer Display (MLD) and it shows an interesting 3D effect. Finally, LG shows a 6.13" mirror OLED.

The video ends with LG's 55" FHD transparent OLEDs, which we have seen before - and are still waiting for LG to commercialize!

Posted: Jul 21,2017 by Ron Mertens