The Fraunhofer's COMEDD published a new video explaining all about COMEDD and its activities and the OLED production process. The video focuses on OLED Lighting and shows the institute's transparent TABOLA panels (which we reviewed back in April):



In my opinion this is a

In my opinion this is a horrible video and unworthy of the Fraunhofer name.

First of all they completely omit LEDs and make it sound like OLED is the only way to replace current inefficient lighting technology. Second, they make statements that are just  ludicrous like the ones about the ecological impact of OLED because they 'use only small amounts of material'. Overall while they don't lie at least in my opinion they do mislead by omission.

Now I realize that this is basically a PR video, but even so I would expect more than this from a world-class institute like COMEDD.

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