Vestel, the Turkish-based tech giant is about to bring several new high-end TVs to the market, adopting technologies such as 4K, curved panels, HDR, Android TV, Quantum Dots - and OLEDs. The company is offering its designs to other brands as an OEM.

LG OLED TVs (August 2015)

Vestel says they plan to introduce an OLED TV to the market in early 2017. Vestel aims to create a high-volume TV, aiming to sell a large amount of TVs at a relatively low cost. It's highly likely that Vestel is talking to LG Display to supply them with those OLED panels. LGD is already supplying OLEDs to several Chinese makers, including ;including Skyworth, Konka, Changhong, and Haier, and is also supplying the OLED for Panasonic's new OLED TV.

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