Verbatim to unveil new printed and flexible OLED panels

In October 2013 Mitsubishi Chemical and Pioneer announced that they plan to start producing printed OLED lighting panels in 2014. Now Verbatim announced that it will bring an OLED panel produced using a "web coating process" to the Light + Building exhibition in April. Verbatim will also demonstrate a flexible OLED lighting panel for the first time.

We don't have any more information regarding Verbatim's new panels. In October 2013, however, Pioneer and Mitsubishi said that their panels use coating only for the bottom layer, while the emissive and top layers are deposited using VTE.

The two Japanese companies estimated that the new process will reduce the cost of the OLED panel by 90% compared to the current production method, and will also increase the lifetime. In 2013 the companies showed a printed panel that feature a lifetime of 30,000 hours (LT70) @ 2,000 cd/m2 luminance. However in the new PR they say that they will showcase the new printed panel "for the first time" so it's likely that it will have different (hopefully) better specifications.

Posted: Feb 18,2014 by Ron Mertens