In September 2013, Veeco acquired Synos Technology for $185 million for the company's FAST-ALD flexible OLED encapsulation technology. Veeco later received a purchase order from SDC for a first-generation FAST-ALD prototype system. Veeco expected a manufacturing ramp to begin in 2014 - hoping to book more than $75 in ALD production systems by the end of the year, but this never happened.

Veeco now reported their financial results for Q4 2014, and while the company says they "successfully demonstrated its FAST-ALD technology for flexible OLED encapsulation", they currently do not see any near-term revenue coming from this sector.

According to Veeco, Samsung's current "incumbent deposition technology" (Vitex's multi-layer deposition) has progressed and now it satisfies Samsung's market requirement. While we know that Samsung has indeed recently improved Vitex's technology, we also know that they are looking into other alternative encapsulation technologies - one of which is Kateeva's ink-jet printing based encapsulation.

Kateeva actually expects Samsung to order mass production systems in the near future. It'll be interesting tos ee whether Veeco is right and SDC is content with its current encapsulation technology, or whether they will choose a different technology and not FAST-ALD.



Just wondering

Just wondering if UDCs single Layer Flexible encapsulation System is still being evaluated ???

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