In 2014 we reported that the Tai-Yah (also called Atayal) tribe, the "dark tribe", has started to test National Tsing-Hua University's blue-free OLED lighting panels (produced by WiseChip).

These early candle-light street OLEDs were not suitable for that environment, and NTHU researchers say that mountain dew rapidly shorted the wires. But not NTHU has stepped up its efforts and teamed up with First-o-Lite to produce a new version of its panels. This time the researchers are positive that its new panels will enable the entire village to adopt blue-hazard free lighting,

NTHU also announced that it has teamed up with Iboson Co., to develop the world's first blue hazard quantification instruments, able to measure the blue light damage on our body and eyes. The instrument is a mobile device that can measure the light damage from both indoor and outdoor lighting and from displays.

Iboson and NTHU blue light hazard instrument photo

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