Universal Display to show new automotive OLED emitters and an OVJP device prototype

Universal Display announced that next week during SID DisplayWeek it will demonstrate, for the first time, a PHOLED display device that was produced using the company's OVJP process at its recently-installed pilot line system.

UDC emitter and host materials photo

The green OVJP device features a lifetime of over 50,000 hours (LT95) at 1,000 nits. At the tradeshow UDC will also show its latest commercial and development red, yellow, green and blue phosphorescent material systems in its "eco-friendly PHOLED Garden".

UDC says it will also unveil new PHOLED materials aimed specifically at automotive lighting applications. These new materials include a narrow-emission deep red, amber and light-green materials:

  • Deep red: 1931 CIE: (0.70,0.30), with a breakthrough narrow line shape of 43 nm FWHM, EQE of 25% and lifetime of 55,000 hours (LT95) at 1,000 nits
  • Amber: 1931 CIE: (0.58,0.42), with a breakthrough narrow line shape of 36 nm FWHM,EQE of 28% and lifetime of 200,000 hours (LT95) at L0=1,000 nits
  • Light green: 1931 CIE: (0.42,0.56), EQE of 25% and lifetime of 300,000 hours (LT95) at L0=1,000 nits
Posted: May 11,2019 by Ron Mertens