Universal Display report several OLED technology advances at DisplayWeek. First up, the company is showing several advances in OLED lighting. UDC is presenting a new approach to make white OLEDs. The panels are based on RGB stripes, each controlled with a separate current driver. UDC says that this approach potentially improves the OLED panel performance, manufacturing yield, brightness uniformity and color-tunability.

UDC calls this new architecture "RGB monochrome striped", and they demonstrate a 15x15 cm color-tunable white OLED that features an effifacy of 63 lm/W and a color temperature of 3000K. UDC is also showing a 100 lm/W all-phosphorescent warm white OLED with a lifetime (LT70) of 60,000 hours at 1,000 cd/m2. Finally, UDC is also showing a remarkable high R9 warm white WOLED with CRI of 96.

And now we move to OLED displays. UDC has a new architecture called Two-Mask AMOLED display, that enables a significant improvement in the lifetime of an OLED display - by as much as 8 time and reduce burn-in. The new architecture could also improve the resolution, lifetime and power consumption of the panel. Finally, this architecture may also prove to be easier to manufacture than current AMOLEDs (this is especially true for large size OLED TV panels).

Regarding UDC's UniversalBarrier single-layer encapsulation technology, the company provides some new data and according to a paper they submitted, UDC predicted that a 3 micron thick layer of the company’s barrier may have a package lifetime of over 10 years.

Disclosure: the author of this post holds shares in universal display

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