Universal Display announced record revenue of $11.3 million (a 33% increase compared to Q2 2010). Commercial revenue was $5.3 million - a 170% increase over last year - mostly due to Samsung AMOLED capacity expansion. Operating loss was $1.1 million (down from $1.9 million). When taking stock warrant liability into account, net income was $3.2 million. The company is operation-cash positive ($223,000 in the quarter), and has about $326 million in cash or short-term investments.

During the conference call, the company gave some interesting updates. They say that no-one is currently using their green PHOLED material in commercial product. But they say that about half of their development revenues were from the sales of green-emitter and host materials (and over 10 customers are evaluating green). Our (trusted) source said that Samsung are using green in their 5.5-Gen fab - perhaps UDC cannot say it's commercial until they sign a new license agreement with Samsung that includes green. Or perhaps our source was wrong.

The company also reports an increase interest in their OLED technology - "more companies are approaching us, taking access to our materials and license rights compared to this time a year ago".



Samsung opened that plant 3

Samsung opened that plant 3 months ago and your source, at least according to your article, used the future tense when speaking about the green PHOLED material I guess the implication is rather clear:

Samsung seems tol be working on getting things up to speed and is currently trying to implement the new material into their commercial production, but isn't quite there yet. Most likely they are still doing pilot runs.

All in all this shouldn't come as a surprise. A new plant coupled with a new technology will almost always result in delays

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