Universal Display (UDC) logoUniversal Display (UDC) posted their financial results for 4Q 2010. The company had $10.8 million in revenue for 4Q - which is more than double the revenue in 4Q 2009. The company enjoyed an increase of both commercial chemical revenue and development revenue. The operating loss was just $210K (compared to almost $4 million last year), although the net loss was $5.3 million (due to non-cash loss on stock warrant liability). UDC currently has around $70 million in cash and equivalents.

It seems that UDC is finally starting to enjoy Samsung's increased capacity and AMOLED shipments and UDC expects their technology to migrate to large-sized displays and lighting panels.

The largest 3 customers for UDC's OLED materials are Samsung, LG Display and AUO. But the company reports "at least ten, ore more" customers that are at the development phase - most of them announced already (like LG Chem, PEW, Konica Minolta, etc.

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