The market for printed and organic lighting will exceed $2.9 billion ($US) by 2012, according to a new report from NanoMarkets. The report claims that the higher energy efficiencies and ability to create novel lighting products provided by OLED and carbon nanotubes in particular will push the entire printed and organic lighting market up to $5.9 billion by 2014.

NanoMarkets says that most of the new business will come from the backlighting, general illumination and architectural/specialty industrial lighting applications with significant opportunities also in vehicular lighting, signage and a variety of niche markets.

Key findings include:

  • Because backlighting can represent as much as 38 percent of the cost of LCD displays, there is an immediate opportunity for OLEDs, especially printed OLEDs, to reduce costs. OLED backlighting is receiving serious attention from firms such as UDC, Toyota, Tohoku Device, OLED-T and Add-Vision. Backlighting is an area where high-brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs) have achieved significant recent penetration, but ability of OLEDs to deliver light over a wide area, make them more suitable than the point source HB-LEDs. As a result, OLED backlighting will generate revenues of $1.9 billion by 2014
  • OLEDs also promise a revolution in general illumination markets. An incandescent bulb lives for 1 Khr, while OLED lights have already achieved 100 Khrs. OLED lights are also already more efficient than incandescent lights and approaching the efficiency of fluorescent lights. OLED general illumination products have been targeted for funding by a variety of government projects in the U.S. and Europe and this segment of the OLED lighting market is expected to generate $1.4 billion by 2014
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