Last month Universal Display gave an update regarding their UniversalBarrier single-layer encapsulation technology. They said that the technology is being evaluation by Samsung, and that UDC has a working 6" R&D deposition machine for the encapsulation layer. UDC said the technology is not ready for Samsung's Gen-5.5 line yet.

UDC posted a new job opening today for a Flexible OLED lighting researcher, to do some "advanced development of UDC’s thin film OLED encapsulation technology". The candidate "may take part in technology transfer of the process technologies from UDC’s Pilot Line into a customer’s mass production environment. This may involve frequent international travel". It seems that the company is indeed adapting its technology for Samsung's flexible OLED line.

Samsung launched their YOUM flexible OLED panels at CES, but the company didn't reveal any actual launch date. Samsung is still using LTPS as the production process is too hot for the plastic substrate (the LTPS transistors are deposited on glass and the glass is later delaminated). The encapsulation technology is Vitex's multi-layer technology which is very slow (the panel has to enter the evaporation chamber 6 times). Samsung's license allows them to use all of UDC's IP, and so they will not pay extra for the encapsulation technology. This also holds true for UDC's basic plastic-on-OLED patent.

Of course Samsung is not alone in its flexible OLED research, the above mentioned mass production environment may belong to LG display - who's also gearing up towards flexible plastic-based OLED production by the end of 2013. Samsung seems to be on the forefront of flexible OLED though.



UDC UniversalBarrier

Has there been any futher news on UDC's UniversalBarrier.  Is there a disclosure as to the materials used and any patents?

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