Universal Display announced that it has contracted Duksan Hi-Metal to produce OLED host materials in Korea. The two companies have entered into a "master services agreement". The first initiative under the new agreement is to provide manufacturing services for "one of Universal Display’s host products for certain Korean customers". This is most likely a green host material for Samsung Display.

Samsung is already using UDC's green emitter and host materials in some OLED displays (the PSP Vita and the Motorola Droid RAZR smartphones) and is set to start using it in more products in the future with an aim to reduce the power consumption of its OLED displays. Having a green host manufacturer in Korea will enable UDC to lower the price of its material, and it's always good to have a 2nd supplier (all of UDC materials are currently produced by PPG Industries).

The two companies will also explore additional areas for collaboration, to better serve and support the Korean OLED industry. Duksan also agreed to dismiss all its pending patent invalidation proceedings in Korea, which is very good news for UDC of course.

Diclosure: The author of this post holds shares in UDC.

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