UDC announces the all-phosphorescent AMOLED architecture with the fourth light-blue sub-pixel

A couple of days ago, Universal Display has announced a new light-blue phosphorescent OLED emitter system, suitable for both display and lighting applications. Today they are presenting the all-phosphorescent AMOLED architecture that uses the light-blue OLED as a fourth light-blue sub-pixel.

The introduction of a light blue sub-pixel can significantly extend the operational lifetime of an OLED display and reduce the display's power consumption by as much as 33%, as compared to an RGB OLED display using a fluorescent blue

To illustrate the pixel architecture, the company, in collaboration with Professor Jin Jang of Kyung Hee University and Samsung Mobile Display, demonstrated the four sub-pixel architecture in a 2.5-inch, all-phosphorescent AMOLED display.

Posted: May 26,2010 by Ron Mertens