UDC and LG Display extend their PHOLED commercial supply agreement till October 2013

Universal Display announced that they have extended their commercial supply agreement with LG Display - till October 31, 2013 (this agreement will automatically renew for additional twelve month periods, unless terminated). LGD is using UDC's PHOLED materials in AMOLED displays, and pay them for the chemical sales and a license fee (LGD has some small scale small-panel production, but their main OLED focus is on large panels for TVs).

UDC signed the original agreement with LGD (then LG.Philips) back in May 2007. In August 2011 they signed a long-term agreement with Samsung, and they probably will sign a similar with LG Display too, but LGD will most likely wait till they mass produce OLED panels (for their 55" OLED TVs).

Posted: Dec 15,2012 by Ron Mertens