Since they launched the world's first OLED TV in August 2013, LG managed to slash the price from $14,999 to about $4,000 (currently the EA9800 costs $4,299 in We all hope LG will continue to lower the price, obviously, so it's good to hear that LGD's Byeonggyu Roh says that they will continue to reduce the cost of their OLED TV panel production.

According to UBI Research, LGD ultimate goal is to reach a price premium of only 10% over LCDs. LG needs to lower the costs across the board - taking advantage of existing LCD lines and equipment, optimizing the thickness of all th display layers (TFT, organic materials and encapsulation), improving the production process times and more.

It is further expected that LG will switch to a soluble-OLED based process for further cost reduction. While today LG's WRGB architecture allows them to achieve higher yields and so lower costs, it may be that in the future, a direct-emission architecture will be more cost effective as it does not require color filters, and it uses only 3 subpixels and not 4 (and so it requires less transistors).

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