UBI: 440 million AMOLEDs were shipped in 2017, the market will reach almost a billion units by 2022

UBI Research estimates that AMOLED shipments reached 440 million units in 2017 (up 13.6% from 2016), with revenues reaching $27.1 billion (up 62.3% from 2016). Only yesterday did DSCC release its own estimates of $23.2 billion in revenues for the AMOLED market in 2017.

AMOLED market forecast (2018 - 2022, UBI Research)

The AMOLED market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.5% to reach almost a billion units in 2022. Revenues will grow faster at 22% and reach $80.5 billion in 2022.

Flexible OLED shipments reached 140 million units in 2017, growing over 100% compared to 2016. UBI sees 230 million flexible OLED sold in 2018, to reach 48% of the total OLED market. In 2022, almost 800 million flexible OLEDs will ship.

Flexible AMOLED shipments (2014-2022, UBI Research)

OLED TV shipments reached 1.72 million units in 2017, and UBI expects the OLED TV market to continue to grow as LGD continues to increase its production capacity.

UBI sees the growth in demand for smartphone OLED displays decreasing due to the rising price of flexible OLEDs and lower-priced full-screen high-end LCDs. By 2021 UBI sees an oversupply of 20% developing, which will relax in 2022 (but there will still be an oversupply of 11%).

UBI also looks at the solution-based production processes, and the company estimates that ink-jet printing for OLED panels will begin to be adopted in 2019 with 2 million such OLEDs shipped in 2019 and 9.2 millin units in 2022.

Posted: Feb 15,2018 by Ron Mertens