Hong Kong's Truly Semiconductors announced that next month it will complete the construction of the first phase in the company's 4.5-Gen AMOLED fab in Huizhou, China. The equipment will be installed in October, and the production line will begin operation in Q1 2016.

Truly estimates that the new production line, which will be used to make small-sized AMOLED panels, will generate RMB5.3 billion (about $854 million) in annual revenue. The fab's capacity will be 15,000 monthly substrates.

Truly announced this new fab back in January 2014, and later received support from the Huizhou government. The original plan was to start production towards the end of 2015 - but if they manage to start production in early 2016, we'll forgive this delay.




Small... again.

Because making more mobile screens after everyone else does already will be so profitable.

Hmm... i wonder what size of OLED displays arent at all represented yet...

Yeah, the whole world and his

Yeah, the whole world and his wife are making small OLED screens... I'm beginning to get tired of reading that again and again.

Where are the meat and potatoes that everyone wants???

PC monitors and TVs.

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