Tridonic announced a new 99x99 mm LED module called the LUREON REP, that features high efficiency (50 lm/W) and high light output (100 lm). Other features: 4000K color temperature, CRI > 80 and a low color angle shift. Tridonic says that the high brightness coupled with the high efficiency will allow them to use OLEDs in professional lighting applications. The LUREON REP modules will be available in mid-March.

Tridonic LUREON REP module

Philips GL350 is actually brighter at 115 lm (it's larger though at 124x124 mm), but it is far less efficient at 16.7 lm/W. LG Chem has panels which are more efficient (or at least they will have ones later in 2013) than the new Tridonic module.

Tridonic (Ledon) are using both Osram Orbeos panels and LG Chem ones. We're not sure which panels are used in the new module, but we're betting on LG Chem because the OSRAM Orbeos aren't efficient enough (as far as I know the most efficient Orbeos is only 40 lm/W).

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