TPVision (who owns the Philips brand for TVs) has been working on OLED TVs for a long time (we first reported on this in 2012), and now the company announced its plans to launch a Philips OLED TV in 2015. The company uses OLED panels supplied by LG Display (which also supplies OLEDs to Panasonic, Grundig, Changhong and Skyworth. And maybe Sony, too).

Grundig OLED TV prototypeGrundig OLED TV prototype

According to a report from Holland, TPVision already showed a prototype OLED TV. The company planned to release this TV sooner, but had some major issues with the OLED panel - low brightness (compared to LCDs), uniformity issues and limited lifetime. TPV is developing its own image processing technology which will be used in their OLED TV and will solve those technical issues.

I'm not sure if these issues are real (after all these are the same panels used by LG Display in their existing TVs, which are recognized virtually-unanimously as the best TV display ever). But TPV may be able to enhance performance and it'll be great to see a Philips-branded OLED TV reach the market next year.



Now this is Good News .

Now this is Good News .

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