Toray Research Center to explain its OLED device degradation analysis in an online seminar

Next week, Toray Research Center (TRC) will host an online webinar focused on OLED technologies. TRC, who supplies technical analysis and support for R&D and manufacturing, invites you to attend the online lectures at no cost, to learn more about OLED technologies and analysis of OLED devices.

One of the topics covered in these online webinars will be the degradation analysis of OLED devices. The researchers at TRC can use nine different techniques to analyze the OLED stack, looking for organic impurities, degradation products, outgas and luminescence properties of an OLED device. The researchers can also look at the sealing property of the encapsulation layer and analyze the OLED device's cathode.

OLED degradation, analytical techniques (TRC)

The lecture focuses on OLED panels before and after driving, and explains the device structure and shows its luminance and details how its performance degrades over time (initial, LT90, LT50 and LT25).

TRC then explains some of the techniques it used to analyze the device: PL on incline surface, LDI-MS (laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry), GCIB-TOF-SIMS (gas cluster ion beam time of flight secondary ion mass spectrometry) and MS/MS which enables structural analysis of a degradation product. All these techniques are detailed and demonstrated.

This detailed analysis can help to identify the problems in specific devices and help improve the lifetime and performance of OLED devices.

For more information on this talk and TRC's OLED analysis, see the following whitepaper: OLED degradation test using TOF-SIMS MS / MS.

TRC's webinars will include recorded presentations, which will be available online from February 22 to March 08.

About Toray Research Center

Toray Research Center, Inc., established in 1978, is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc. The company provides technical support in the fields of research, development and manufacturing, using innovative analytical techniques and physical analysis. One of TRC's four major focus industries is the OLED industry, and its OLED R&D started as early as 1995.

TRC researchers have vast experience in OLED analysis, having reversed-engineered over 5,000 OLED panels to date. The company provides analytical services to help improve manufacturing processes and improve OLED materials . TRC's OLED analysis knowledge areas include organic materials, composition, multilayer structure, degradation analysis, water permeability and more. Find out more about TRC's OLED services here.

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Posted: Feb 15,2022 by Ron Mertens