Toray and Cambrios develop the world's most transparent conductive film

Toray developed a new silver nano-wire based transparent conductive film that offers a light transmittance of 90% or more and surface resistivity, which is a measure of conductivity, between 150 and 250 ohm/sq- using wet coating method (Toray says that this is the world's best film in terms of transparency and conductivity). The new material also offers superior flexibility, natural coloration, durability and workability. Toray will begin mass production in the 'near future'.

The new material was developed in partnership with Cambrios (who are also collaborating with Plextronics). The companies say that this new material can find applications in touch panels, solar cells and OLED electrodes.

Posted: Apr 08,2011 by Ron Mertens


Is there any way to know the work function of this material? Just to know if it will be used as a cathode or anode.