Thorn Lighting installed a semi-permanent OLED lighting installation in the entrance to Thorn's Academy of Light in Spennymoor, UK. The installation (that has two fixtures) uses LG Chem's 65lmW-1 panels (@3500K) together with some LED lamps (they call this an asymmetric luminaire).

Thorn says this is a "concept" design and not a real product. The installation was "inspired" by the Topdrawer project, but it wasn't part of this project as such. The installation was created as a collaboration between Thorn Lighting, Octo Design, Tridonic and Durham University.



Very impressive

I think the hybrid of OLED and LED is a smart move.

Just curious whether it is OLED or PLED?

These are LG Chem's Small

These are LG Chem's Small-Molecule OLED panels (not PLED ones).

oled installation

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