Vitex Systems Secures First Order From Major Japanese Corporation

Signaling the first commercial acceptance surrounding its barrier technology, Vitex Systems Inc., today announced it has received its inaugural order -- worth more than $2 million from a major Japanese corporation.

The flagship order is for one of the company's Guardian deposition systems and its proprietary Barix(TM) thin-film barrier coating solution, both of which will be used by the Japanese company for research and development on next-generation OLED displays and materials.

Vitex's Barix thin-film encapsulation, applied with its Guardian tool, enables the display manufacturer to deposit, in-situ, a planarizing Barix coating directly on top of the OLED material on the glass substrate thereby, eliminating the requirement for a sealed metal can or glass cavity lid with internal desiccant. This provides a much thinner, lighter and more robust display at a reduced manufacturing cost. Vitex's Guardian tool combines an in-line vacuum polymer deposition chamber and a ceramic deposition chamber that can be customized to interface with essentially any manufacturing equipment used to produce OLED displays, such as cluster tools and in-line deposition systems.

Posted: Feb 22,2005 by Ron Mertens